David Pritchard

Software Engineer
Google Los Angeles

Recent Projects

Websheets: scaffolded exercise frontend with fluid fill-in-the-blank areas, allowing instructors to easily define new exercises. Java and C++ backends/exercises available.

C++ draw Library: an API for drawing in C++, suitable for beginners, capable of sophisticated animations. Sample assignment. See also the picture pixel-oriented class.

Java Visualizer: a new backend for the classic Python visualizer. Shows all steps of a program automatically. Fake C++ visualizer available.

Computer Science Circles: learn Python from the comfort of your own browser. Teach a student or a class, see their progress, and answer their questions. 600000+ exercises solved. More

These projects are open-source.

Research: My research includes web software for education, combinatorics, linear programs, approximation algorithms, probabilistic methods, and computational methods. Click here for my papers and talks.

Teaching Notes

My Blog: QED and NOM

Where I've Been: USC (CSCI 103), Princeton (COS 126), CEMC (CS Circles), EPFL (Post-doc), Waterloo (PhD w/Jochen Könemann), MIT (M.Eng & B.S.), Scarborough

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